Hi and welcome to trevsmithsnewsletter.com  My site is all about finding you free stuff, for want of a better word, that will help you in your online business.

There really is no bullshit here, I find you free tools that you may not have discovered yet. The products I recommend are affiliate links so I earn a bit to keep this site going. But they are genuine solid products from respected guys in the I.M. business.

​So if you enter your email in the box below I will send you more useful tools that are not mentioned on the site. I will send you a message a day for twelve days and then very occasionally tell you about a new product that may be free or may require a small cost.

After all, now and again you have to invest a little in your business. Enter your email in the box below and if you get really fed up you can click one link to unsubscribe. I might sulk a bit I'm sure I'll get over it!  

​Oops! I nearly forgot, the autoresponder sending you these messages is free so you'll get a couple of adverts which will annoy you, but just click pass them and you'll be good to go!

I'm going to be introducing you to many successful marketers, some you may know and some you may never had heard of.  You will never hear the word "Guru" because I hate it. Ok that was once but I promise you will not hear it a second time.

That doesn't stop me talking about people who have done well for themselves as you know, there is no point in following someone that has bombed in their career.

It was Anthony Robbins that said "If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results"

If you are interested in reading more of his quotes you can go here ​Tony Robbins Quotes!

When I was starting out making money on line one of the problems was you seem to be paying out money when you should be earning it. Obviously there is some outlay from time to time but you really need to keep this to a minimum.

So when I set up my newsletter I thought it would be a good idea to let you know of some of the free resources available. I will also be telling you about other information I will be providing for free that can help your business.

Occasionally I will be notifying you of a product that I recommend that is a paid product. The 10 part mentor course from Rob Evans is one such product that I found immensely helpful. (Banner below)

The free products I tell you about will often have an upgrade where you have to pay but usually sticking with it for free is enough for what you want starting out.

I will be adding free tools that I know you are going to find useful. You can click this link to go to the page Free Tools or you can find the page in the top menu.

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